Watermark • Digital Water Expressions

A cutting-edge interactive centerpiece feature that creates patterns and words by manipulating the flow of water.

Water’s digital spell

Interactive architecture captures the wonder of water.

Seeing your name up in lights must be a thrill. Now, with Watermark technology and a smartphone, anybody can see their name streaming in real time, bigger than life, in a lovely, shimmering sheet of water! And that's just one application for this versatile, aesthetically stunning marvel of aquatic architecture. 

What is Watermark?

Watermark is digitally controlled water display technology that lets you send messages and display logos, produce captivating patterns and create the ambience you want to create, whether in a hotel lobby, shopping concourse, town plaza or other venue. Wherever an impactful architectural accent is desired, Watermark is right at home.  

Instant engagement

No matter where a Watermark water feature is installed, people marvel at the technology and the scintillating effect of its flowing curtain of water... even when there is no message, name or logo being generated. This traffic stopping, crowd pleasing effect makes Watermark a natural for creating a visual point of reference for visitors while conveying specific targeted messaging suited to the venue and the occasion. 

Limitless applications

Want to acknowledge the major sponsor of a big-ticket event?  Want to welcome the bridal party to a hotel lobby, or truly impress the birthday girl's guests? Or does your business or tourist destination simply need that one stand-out feature that will create a special ambiance while also flexibly delivering a host of messages directed at a number of different groups or individuals? If so, Watermark is the innovative technology that fulfills all these needs and more.

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  • Engage people instantly

    Watermark can be controlled with a mobile device; write words or draw pictures and see them reproduced in a gleaming sheet of cascading water.

  • Stunning by design

    Watermark’s premium aesthetics and elegant water effects make the perfect architectural-quality addition to any decor or exterior space.

  • Choose interactive or display modes

    Engage people in full interactive mode or choose visually arresting custom pre-programmed sequences. Easily manage the sequence order, calendar and operating hours.

  • Create even greater impact with lighting

    Synchronize lights and water sequences, then use RGB LED lighting to brand with color and illuminate for nighttime use.

  • Scalable impact

    Modular units of 3.3 feet in length (1 meter) interlock in a seamless configuration for optimal sizing. 25 valves per unit deliver maximum resolution.

  • Water smart

    Watermark is designed to minimize water usage using efficient recirculation systems.