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Your Vortex support resources

Wherever you are in the world, Vortex support resources are available to help. Whether you need replacement parts, or help with the operation of your aquatic play solution, we have a number of resources you can turn to.

You can reach out to us through the form on the left (if you're in need of replacement parts, don't forget to fill out the Parts section). If you'd rather call us, the numbers above will give you direct access to our support team based in Montreal, Canada. Outside of our regular support hours, contact your local Vortex expert using the locator tool - they'll be accessible during local regular work hours, wherever you are.

Find your local Vortex expert

M.E. O'Brien & Sons
Andy Berger
(508) 359-4200
M.E. O'Brien & Sons
Peter Wallace
(203) 805-4325
Kathelyn Vezina
(877) 586-7839 ext. 302