In destination RV parks and campgrounds, success is often determined by the quality of the immediate on-site offering. Vortex water play installations come in a wide range of sizes and styles suitable to your exact situation and available space. Whether used as stand-alone features or to add value to an existing pool, our water play solutions attract and hold children’s interest and are often among a park’s most frequented and best-loved amenities.

In RV parks catering to the traveler just passing through, owners may find the capital outlay for a water play addition translates into more multi-night stays, as children that are familiar with and drawn to this kind of wet fun often influence trip plans, convincing Mom and Dad to take a break and stay another night.

An alternative or a complement to the pool

Vortex water play solutions are often used as companion play areas for swimming pools or they replace them completely. The zero-depth Splashpad® requires no lifeguard surveillance, a definite cost benefit as well as providing peace of mind. This aspect, along with their low-maintenance requirements and choice of water management systems in many areas, makes their cost of acquisition and ownership very attractive. Vortex equipment is robust and manufactured to high quality standards with long lasting materials for reduced maintenance and repair costs, another benefit for campgrounds.

The right solution for your park

Vortex water play solutions come in a wide variety of sizes and styles including our popular Splashpad® – offering safe, zero-depth fun play experiences, Poolplay™ for adding extra engagement to pools, and Elevations™ that add adventure to both pool and zero-depth play areas. We also offer a range of waterslides to enhance the pool experience. Featuring multiple water effects, Vortex water play solutions include jets, buckets, cascades and sprays and an array of water textures and spray effects. We strive to make our water play features playable by persons of all abilities, making sure the fun truly is for everyone. Campers love them because they offer the chance for intergenerational play, with parents and grandparents enjoying the fun with their children and grandchildren.

Splashpad®, the water play installations currently being adopted by so many campgrounds, offer the ultimate in mix and match water feature customizability and sizing flexibility. Splashpad® combines the sensations of different water movements—flowing, misting, and jetting—with hundreds of diverse water features for an unequaled aquatic play adventure.

Truly raising play to the next level, our Elevations™ water play solutions are the stars in any RV or campground setting. Multi-tiered designs with elaborate themes and a high density of water features, Elevations™ structures are magnets for children who typically spend hours engaged in all kinds of high energy social and team play while enjoying multiple possibilities for interactivity with water. Standard Elevations™ designs are available, or you can choose a themed installation like our Western, Pirate, Tropical or Forest structures. Elevations™ can be sized to fit any location.