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With more than 20 years of experience designing water play installations that engage, captivate, and delight, at Vortex, we’ve developed a deeper understanding of how children play and what keeps them coming back for more. Our hotel and resort customers are seeing firsthand how the mystical pull of water keeps kids happily engaged for hours, lets parents relax, and most importantly, keeps families on site.

The world's leading brands turn to Vortex

As acknowledged experts in water play and display solutions, Vortex is a trusted partner the world’s leading hospitality brands can turn to for everything from design to planning to project management.  We have the capacity to deliver a wide assortment of aquatic play solutions. When it comes to differentiating your offering from neighboring competitors, creating a more memorable experience for families, and retaining guests on the premises, Vortex solutions deliver.

Who selects Vortex?

Water changes everything

Our earliest memories are of play: grasping objects for the first time, learning to play together, discovering the world around us. When you add water, you add another powerful dimension to play. Water brings a new, heightened energy. Water play is play at its most fundamental and genuine. Water brings this added richness to any hotel environment, entertaining children and parents, bringing families closer together, breaking the ice and creating bonds between guests. Water has the power to transform a hotel from a place to stay into so much more.

Why invest in water play?


Water play installations create that destination feeling

As our clients can attest, creating safe, vibrant spaces that invite people of all ages to play and socialize can have a measurable impact on bookings. In fact, as our water play solutions gain in popularity among the world’s family-oriented and resort hotels, operators are seeing firsthand their power to attract new guests, improve occupancy rates and create demand in traditional low-occupancy periods.


Spending time at a water play area means spending money on site

When you re-invent your property as a destination hotel with engaging water play available on the premises, remarkable things happen: parents start splashing around with their children, grandparents and persons of limited mobility  also get in on the fun, and kids forego the electronic devices for the wet interactivity and social play built in to every Vortex water play solution. Best of all, families no longer feel the pressure to make the daily commute to that big-ticket attraction that brought them there in the first place. They stay – and spend - on the premises, when they increase their visits to other revenue-generating amenities such as hotel restaurants and spas.


Water play gives you an edge

With so many vacation travelers booking accommodations online, colorful, captivating water play solutions on site become a real point of differentiation for families with children, helping hotel managers create that destination feeling that gives them an edge in highly competitive markets. They can also be a strong selling point for tour operators looking to distinguish between competing resort locations. Our selection of water play installations appeals to wider demographics, with young families, multi-generational families and families with members of different degrees of mobility finding endless play value in water features with the right level of water flow and energy and play dynamics suited to their age and ability.

Turn pools into so much more

Any one in our range of water play solutions can add enormous play value to a pool experience. In fact, they can turn any swimming pool into a full-fledged activity hub, where every family member can engage more completely in a wonderfully varied assortment of play activities. You can opt for our Elevations multi-tiered models with their high feature density and available themes like “Western” or “Pirate”. Our ever popular Splashpads® offer the ultimate in mix-and-match design,  with over 250 different features for unequaled play diversity and lasting engagement.

Because variety creates interest, we design our water solutions with water jets, buckets, cascades and sprays as well as an endless array of water textures and water energy levels to keep kids enthralled hour after hour. And with so many features there to inspire interactive and social play, spending a relaxing afternoon around the pool becomes more attractive than ever. 

No matter where your pool is located or how much square footage you have available, Vortex can create a water play environment with impact.  Because our solutions are modular and scalable, not only can they be expanded over time, each can be seamlessly retrofit to your pool with minimal site disruption. Best of all, you can choose from a number of zero-depth solutions so parents can enjoy peace of mind, without additional lifeguard expenses for your property.