Parks and Recreation professionals know how important play opportunities are to helping foster thriving communities. Which is why making the right choice of water play equipment is so important. At Vortex, we think play value is crucial to delivering a fun, sustainable water play solution. And that’s why we’ve made it our central purpose to help families in your community get more out of play

A deeper kind of water play expertise

At Vortex, we research play in great depth and design every installation and water feature – from our most elaborate Elevations™ to the smallest interactive Splashpad® – around the fundamental tenets of play. We design to promote social play, so kids interact with each other. We design for discovery play, so children explore the worlds of cause and effect, and get to experience water in its most magical forms. We prioritize inclusive play, so people of all ages and abilities can join in, and we design areas with different water effects, so all kids can enjoy some good, water based fun. We see children grow up through play in so many ways, and we work hard to help make the growing up even more fun.

Families need to play

At Vortex we see water play solutions as assets that help promote happier families and more closely knit communities. Often our installations become community destinations and gathering points for neighbors, where kids can engage in free play, parents can connect, and neighbors can build or strengthen ties with each other. That’s when they are not getting in on the fun and games themselves, because when it comes to water play, parents tend to get off the bench and join in the fun with their children much more than with any other play opportunity.

Better, safer communities

Not only are Vortex installations aesthetically attractive, they become vital gathering places that are clean and safe, where parents tend to look out for all children, not only their own, whether it’s an urban center, suburban park or rural environment. This becomes so important in disadvantaged communities and in environments where opportunities for making these kinds of social connections are fewer. Aquatic play areas become places where you can meet and get to know your neighbours.

An alternative or a complement to the pool

Splashpad® and Elevations™ come in all shapes and sizes suitable to your footprint and budget and are fast becoming a popular alternative to kiddie and wading pools, or as additions that enhance the play value and attractiveness of existing pool facilities. More and more, we’re seeing older, tired wading pools converted to vibrant Splashpads or aging wading pools given a new lease of life with fresh play features and slides.

The right solutions for your parks

Our product offering for municipalities is broad and varied.  Our Elevations™ products with their multiple levels and thematic concepts can stand alone or are popular as add-ons to existing community pool facilities, indoors or out, and can easily be sized to an existing footprint. Adding fun to an existing pool can also be achieved with Vortex Waterslides, which come in all shapes and sizes and add even more thrills to play.

Our Splashpad® solutions feature a vast array of mix and match features suitable for creating play zones for children of different ages, including low-flow options which users can enjoy without changing into bathing suits. Splashpads are easily integrated in their surroundings, can be expanded and deliver tremendous play value and long service life.

Our gentle Water Journey solution helps tykes and toddlers explore the world of water and provides a number of stimuli that promote both cognitive and physical learning.

The latest product in our development pipeline is Playable Fountains. Well-suited to urban public squares and other areas where traffic is high, they marry the visual splendour of fountains with an interactive component and aesthetic lighting. Passersby trigger ever-changing water fountain sequences or even interrupt the display for some cooling play, day or night, without changing out of their street clothes.

Squeezing more fun out of less water

At Vortex, we convert water into fun and believe every drop of water is too valuable to waste.  We offer a range of water management systems designed to comply with local regulations concerning water usage, from full recirculating systems that capture, treat and re-use water, to water repurposing systems that redirect water for irrigation after use. We install low-flow nozzles designed to minimize flow and maximize fun as well as activators that ensure water flows on demand, and only on demand. Best of all, a typical Splashpad® employing a recirculation system uses a fraction of the water consumed by a comparably sized pool. 

Vortex is a manufacturer of high quality creative water play solutions and architectural water features capable of supplying its products in volume, with many products fully customizable to so they blend seamlessly with pre-existing structures or a particular design aesthetic.