Pressure on the retail industry from online vendors means developers and mall operators have to work harder and smarter to earn shopper’s physical presence. Shopping centers, lifestyle centers and large footprint specialty stores are leading the way with a “retailtainment” counter offensive. They’re turning what was once a simple afternoon of shopping and maybe a quick bite into a full-blown, value-added entertainment experience for consumers, seeking to stretch dwell times and, most importantly, give the New Consumer a reason to unplug from that online store.

Water’s magnetic allure

At Vortex we’re seeing more and more how water play can be an effective part of the new retail mix. When consumers are looking for more, water fits the bill in ways only water can. As a draw for families with children, water attractions - especially interactive ones - can be a key traffic building addition to the retail experience. Vortex clients in the retail segment are especially happy to report how quickly word of the water play experiences we’ve installed gets around, attracting more and new customers every day and helping build customer loyalty.

Immersive play

Vortex has a range of water play solutions that suit a variety of retail concepts and available footprints. With safety always a primary consideration, it’s important to note that Vortex Splashpads are most often zero-depth installations that require no lifeguard supervision. They are also built for running and energetic play, with non-slip surfaces and “play safe” designs standard. Our solutions, complete with the magnetic allure and extended play value of water, become deeply immersive play experiences, all without the risk.

Water’s powerful hold

Kids are drawn to water, but that doesn’t mean they need to wear a bathing suit to have a blast! Vortex’s low-flow solutions make changing facilities unnecessary, as children play with water and not in it. And, once absorbed by the interactive features, they can be captivated for hours, keeping families onsite, actively shopping and more apt to avail themselves of a retail center’s other amenities like food courts and theaters, a formula for happy tenants and increases in sales.

The right fit

Vortex has a wide selection of ready-to-install designs that you can configure to your specific needs or match to existing brand or design schemes. Should a fully-branded or exclusive design be called for, we offer these solutions, too, whether for a single attraction or a multi-location international chain.

In addition to Splashpads® and Elevations™, Vortex also offers Playable Fountains that combine drama, aesthetics and interactive playability in one captivating package. Our Watermark technology, which makes it possible to manipulate water to create patterns, words, logos and messages, can blend into any design scheme or make a powerful statement, creating a calming ambience, décor accent or chic branding element.

Vortex is a manufacturer of high quality creative water play solutions and architectural water features capable of supplying its product in volume, with many products fully customizable for integration with brands or a particular design aesthetic.