Playable fountains

Whether it’s the small feature at the local shopping mall or a full on water and light show on the Vegas strip, Fountains have always been a focal point for people. Relaxing or entertaining, people are drawn to them.

Whether it’s the small feature at the local shopping mall or a full on water and light show on the Vegas strip, Fountains have always been a focal point for people. Relaxing or entertaining, people are drawn to them.

Vortex has combined technology and creativity to add an extra dimension to fountains. Besides the occasional dip of a hand or toe and perhaps some cooling mist, they have long been fundamentally visual experiences. Now, the Playable Fountain takes the fountain concept beyond aesthetics and passive viewing to a truly immersive and interactive play experience.

With Playable Fountains, a whole new world of water play is coming to your city square, park, plaza, hotel, resort or retail space.  And that world is an interactive one, with every installation providing an open invitation to people of all ages to jump in with both feet and re-experience the liberating sensations of water play. 


Playable Fountains offer the same engagement levels as traditional fountains; users can watch from a distance engaging with the show as entertainment. Or they can be more curious, touching the water or dipping a foot in from the edge. But what’s really great about Playable Fountains and what sets them apart, is the ability to be truly immersed – playing, interacting and controlling the fountain.

With Playable Fountain interactive experiences, not only are users held by water’s entrancing spell, they are encouraged to become a physical part of the fountain experience.  And by bringing real life and laughter to underused or sterile spaces, these interactive fountains will change how designers and planners treat spaces as well. Rather than introduce a fountain as just an architectural feature, Playable Fountains can bring a whole new dimension of play to a space.

Playable Fountain interactive fountains embrace users in moving, constantly changing water.  The installations are designed to be open and accessible, so people can enter into the array footprint itself. 

Technology empowering play

Vortex Playable Fountains are not just about hardware. The magic really happens when design, sequencing, lighting, projection and music combine to create a truly unique and immersive play experience.

Playable Fountains can run pre-programmed sequences or can be controlled by the user in a number of ways. Whether your Playable Fountain is controlled by an adjacent, accessible control panel with buttons and dials, a cell phone or sensors and cameras embedded in the footprint, the choice is yours, and the fun has begun.

Imagine children darting around trying to catch the water as it dances around, sensing them coming near and jumping elsewhere. Or what about the user turning a dial to drench a friend when he sees them enter the grid? And how about making walls of water, shapes, mazes or creating different water effects by tilting a cell phone or pressing a button?

With Vortex Playable Fountain technology, the only limitation is your imagination. There is a great deal of flexibility in program choice, specific music and lighting, interactive versus active mode, and much more, all pre-orchestrated and ready at the bush of a button.. or the tilt of a cell phone… or the activation of a sensor.  For the end user, it means a never-ending assortment of water play possibilities.

The fun doesn’t end when the sun sets either. When it gets dark, the Playable Fountain LED lights come on to give a whole new dimension to the aesthetic, and of course the playability. The lighting can become part of the play experience, with users now interacting with the lighting as well as the water.

Combined or used separately, video can be projected on surrounding infrastructure and can be sync’d with music or other sound effects to make your Playable Fountain unique. The options are limitless.


You don’t have to have a huge space to have an engaging Playable Fountain. There is no perfect shape or size, and it’s possible to create engaging play experiences with limited space and only a few jets. We can get started with some basic grid-like configurations, water effects and sequencing programs. But it doesn’t have to stop there; rectangular, square, circular, or any other configuration you can think of – it’s all possible.

Talk to Vortex about your idea and start building a space that is more than just aesthetics, a space that engages the whole family to do more than just stand and watch.