A low flow solution that utilizes light mists and small directional water streams. This reduced and controlled water dispersion means you can introduce water play in almost any environment.

Water fun anywhere

A little bit of water goes a long way.

On a hot day, kids will gravitate to any source of cooling water they can find for a little spray and splash action. Water fountains, backyard hoses, lawn sprinklers... just about any supply will do for some improvised water play, and the fact they are fully clothed has never held them back one bit.

Spontaneous fun

At Vortex, we recognize that kids don't always have the time or opportunity to find a bathing suit and towel, and that when it's sweltering outside, cooling off can't wait. So we developed Spraypoint® low-flow water features to provide just enough water to cool off with, but not enough for a total drenching (unless a youngster makes a concerted effort, of course). Kids can cool off whenever the mood strikes them.

Low flow, max fun

Spraypoint® equipment uses light mists and small, directional streams to provide a cooling spray experience that can be thoroughly enjoyed in street clothes, or in a bathing suit if someone prefers. And Spraypoint® serves up the kind of fun kids enjoy on a full blown Splashpad® without getting drenched to the bone. They can enjoy a thorough soaking, of course, they'll just have to work at it a little!

Beat the heat anywhere

The really incredible benefit of Spraypoint® installations is that they can be built anywhere; in smaller available spaces in parks, for example, or in public spaces in urban areas where passersby really don't want to commit to an extended stay at a pool or spray pad but still want to enjoy a cooling, fun experience.

Efficient water usage

No one wants to waste water, and in some jurisdictions where water conservation is an ongoing challenge, Spraypoint® low flow equipment provides an attractive alternative to more water intensive play options. You'll keep water and energy consumption to a minimum, reduce costs, and the kids will have tons of fun just the same, only in a more sustainable way.

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  • Architectural design

    Contemporary, nature-inspired, clean designs fit in with any venue.

  • Safe and welcoming

    Zero-depth creates a safe space to play and eliminates staffing needs.

  • Multiple water effects

    Light mists and directional jets help keep interest high and visitors staying onsite.

  • Fits any space

    Designed to bring water fun to even the smallest areas.

  • Play and stay dry

    Multi-functional dry and wet zones encourage play and relaxation without the need to go home and put on a bathing suit.

  • Variety of shapes and colors

    Colorful low flow solutions create dramatic water effects and color-infused light patterns on the floor.