Water Journey™

This unique family of seven play events is particularly enticing for children in the 2-5 age group. Each design invites the little ones to manipulate their surroundings as they would in the great outdoors. Inspired by rivers, tides and cascading mountaintops, Water Journey’s highly tactile experiences offer the dynamism of real natural landscapes.

• Water Journey™ Labyrinth, Race and Tide Pool are three ground-level designs modeled after running streams and sandy shorelines. Each unique playscape uses life-like currents and sprays to create highly stimulating play experiences!

• Water Journey™ Pico and Alto draw their inspiration from cascading mountaintops and playful stepping stones. The rocky formations zero in on a crucial period of childhood development.

Inspired Designs

All seven designs call upon the cognitive, social and motor skills of young children through a series of open-ended play events. With Labyrinth, gates and water wheels teach the little ones cause and effect. Race brings out the little ones' competitive spirit with two side-by-side tracks while Tide Pool encourages self-calming skills, inviting kids to kick back and observe a rising tide that fills every crevasse before subsiding with soothing rhythm.

Adding a new dimension to Water Journey™, Pico and Alto are eye-catching formations that model themselves after rocky landforms. Designed for the 2-5 age group, these play events splash, spray and cascade, calling to the little ones' cognitive skills. 

Nature's Way to Play

Healthy, dynamic play is tactile: it's skipping stones on a summer pond, it's being the king or queen of the mountain, it can even be something as simple as following a twig down a rambling stream. Inspired by the way the world around us flows, Water Journey™ combines natural games that invite children to touch, move and manipulate their surroundings. The worry-free spaces let parents step back and watch their children collaborate, compete, problem solve and learn something new.

Landscapes and Configurations

Of course, how it all comes together is up to you. In fact, Water Journey™ encourages the same sort of play from waterpark directors, designers and landscape architects as it does with young children.  With Labyrinth, Race and Tide Pool, two or even three distinct landscapes can come together thanks to an interlocking design. Combine the tranquillity of Tide Pool with the competitiveness of Race; let Labyrinth's current guide the little ones toward exploring up to nine multi-sensory configurations!

Moreover, Pico and Alto are each available in three distinct configurations with unique spray features and interactive play accessories.

A New Approach to Water Play

More and more, municipalities, private water parks and resorts are looking for innovative ways to evoke a return to nature. Children are curious, adventurous and imaginative. When a play space invites them to develop some new insight or skills, they enthusiastically accept the challenge. They respond with deeper engagement, longer visits and bigger smiles. 

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    Water Journey™ designs feature softer spray features and highly tactile learning experiences that engage toddlers and preschoolers.


    Ground-level formations give kids of all ages and abilities access to hours of interactive learning experiences!


    Compact designs make it easy to integrate Pico and Alto into any size aquatic facility.


    Each Water Journey™ design comes equipped with every play accessory already in place.


    The shapes and dimensions of these unique experiences spruce up any zero-depth playscape. Highly original, the designs create an instant attraction with the little ones.


    Every one of the seven Water Journey™ experiences has been meticulously tested and calibrated to get the most play value out of every square inch.