With waterslide solutions available for both indoor and outdoor applications, for new construction, or to refurbish an existing structure, Vortex can accommodate your specific site conditions and capacity requirements.

It’s all in the whoosh!

Whether you are designing a full-fledged waterpark or the tiniest toddler spray play area, waterslides will always command attention and exert their magnetic pull on kids of all ages. That's what makes them such amazing additions to any facility, indoors or out. They can be used alone or in combination with an Elevations™ unit or Splashpad® to add a bit of a thrill or a massive adrenaline rush to a water play area. For use with swimming pools, drop slides provide an incredible final plunge to every ride, while runouts are a safe, high capacity alternative that make any pool-less aquatic play area slide-ready. Runouts are available in a choice of body and inner tube models. 

Vortex offers a complete line of standard and custom waterslide solutions designed for all ages and rider levels. Our waterslides are suitable for new construction or may be used in the refurbishment of an existing structure and are configured to meet specific site conditions and capacity targets.

At Vortex, when we build a waterslide we build in 30 years of aquatic play know-how. All our slide products are engineered and designed to maximize ease and safety of access, throughput and, of course, thrill value, whether you are installing a tiny kiddie slide or a big-ticket attraction for your aquatic play facility.

Because slides need to last, Vortex builds them with best-quality, premium coatings over hot-dip galvanized steel for rust and fade resistance and high-grade gelcoats on sliding surfaces for low maintenance, smoothness of finish and deep, lasting color.

New PrecisionRide™ Series Waterslides

Vortex now offers PrecisionRide™ series waterslides, engineered for performance and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology. This new series offers the ultimate waterslide experience with unmatched smooth, comfortable rides.

PrecisionRide™ features the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any waterslide structure today. Its superior, glossy finish and smooth frictionless connections ensure an enhanced riding experience and, with its superior corrosion resistance, it delivers long life with low maintenance.

For the ultimate waterslide experience... unmatched smooth, comfortable rides and exceptional manufacturing and durability.

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  • Pick the right slide

    Our experts will guide you in your choice of waterslide based on your objectives, site considerations and demographic targets.

  • Plunge pool or pool-less runout

    Models are available for all pool types and for no pool at all! Open, enclosed or combined, there’s a slide for every facility.

  • Keeps guests onsite

    Water slides are the kind of big-ticket, big thrill item that attract and help retain visitors.

  • Standard or custom designs available

    A wide variety of color combinations fit your specific design and branding requirements.