Discover the Nature, Ocean and Urban Collections. Inspired by the world around us, these collections will transform your Splashpad® into a forest, a jungle, an underwater sea life adventure and much more.

The Nature Collection invites the user to discover creatures, plants and flowers inspired by the natural world around us. Using organic shapes and colors, the Nature Collection can transform a Splashpad® into a forest, a pond or a jungle in the minds of young adventurers.

The Ocean Collection has all of the elements to whet the young swashbuckler’s appetite for seafaring fun. Children of all ages can discover sea creatures big and small. Or they return to their ship to sail the seven seas. Beware of the pirates!

The Urban Collection features modern architectural shapes inspired by city life. The sleek, clean lines integrate the collection with any surrounding environment, while contemporary color moods add a vibrant ‘pop’.


Nature Flowers

Nature Pond

Nature Forest


Ocean Silhouettes

Ocean Sailing


Urban Life

Urban Silhouette

Urban Ombrello